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Companys are so individual as every single human. For this very reason most software and app solutions on the market are not the key. We help companys like yours to stay individual so that you don’t have to work with software which don’t fit your needs.


Individual software solutions are getting more relevant for most companys. With increasing individuality and company size, most stock software solutions didn’t fit anymore. Contact us and we will discuss  your companys requirements.


Apps are easier and faster to use when you work with mobile devices on the way. It’s much more comfortable than carrying around your notebook. You need an App for your company for internal or external usage? Contact us and we will consult you!

What’s the key to success?



Clear, intuitive and a nice design. If you work with software or an app on a daily basis, than it is an absolute must have, to have a great design.


You find IT in every sector of the economy, so there is always the question of connectivity. In most cases it is possible to connect to existing software, but not in every case. Let’s figure it out!


Design is very important but the core functionality should always be in focus. The software and app must support your work.


Beside the connectivity of an app or software the customization is a big point. To be able to modify the app or software to existing workflows or future workflows is the real difference.

Our own work

We have solved a big issue with our all-in-one app & software solution for the craft sector. If you want to learn more about the software, than just take a look at

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